The short answer is: you don't need any programming skills to use Microsoft Azure. The Microsoft Azure web portal provides all the features you need to manage your cloud infrastructure without any coding experience.

If you are interested in learning Microsoft Azure or are already an experienced Azure administrator but have no previous programming experience. It might be worth learning a new skill.

What programming languages does Azure support?

Azure supports different coding languages to perform different tasks. Let's see what they are.

Azure PowerShell

Azure PowerShell is a set of PowerShell cmdlets that let you fully manage your Azure resources. All core services in Azure have cmdlets available, which means everything you can do in the Azure portal can be done using Azure PowerShell.

  1. Installing the Azure PowerShell cmdlet is very easy. Start by opening PowerShell and change the execution policy to remote signing.
  2. Then use the Install-Module cmdlet to install the Az PowerShell module.

Azure CLI

Azure CLI, an alternative to PowerShell, is a cross-platform solution for managing your Azure resources. To use the Azure CLI, you must open a shell program, such as CMD on Windows or Bash on Linux and Mac. You can then run Azure CLI commands to perform the action.

The Azure CLI not only runs locally, but also in the Azure Cloud Shell, which you can use to manage resources through the web browser of your choice.

The latest release of the Azure CLI can be downloaded:

  1. Windows
  2. Mac OS
  3. Linux

Supported languages for Azure Functions

Azure Functions lets you run automated script tasks directly from Azure without the need for a server or infrastructure maintenance. This means you can simply focus on your code.

You can use Azure Functions to automate infrastructure deployment with code, run scheduled tasks, handle file uploads, process data, and more.

Azure Functions supports the following languages.

  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • F#
  • PowerShell
  • TypeScript
  • Python

How to master Azure programming skills?

There is a wealth of information and programs online that you can use to learn how to program for Azure. Let me share two key skills you should focus on and what additional resources you should use to learn.

Focus on PowerShell and Azure CLI

Both languages are fundamental if you want to start managing your infrastructure with code. Whether you want to become a solutions expert, an Azure administrator, or get started with Azure DevOps. Even if you decide to use third-party tools to manage your infrastructure, PowerShell or the Azure CLI will likely be the primary language underlying them.

Free online learning resources

Microsoft Learn - Automate Azure tasks using PowerShell scripts. This free online module from Microsoft will help you install Azure Powershell on Windows, Linux, or Mac OS, connect to your subscription, and create resources.

Microsoft Learn - Manage Azure services using the CLI - This free online module from Microsoft will help you install the Azure CLI, work with the Azure CLI, and help you create your first web application using the Azure CLI.


We hope we've helped you understand how code is used in Microsoft Azure, its importance, and whether using code to manage your infrastructure is right for you. We at Fanetech are engaged in setting up and customizing Microsoft solutions for business needs. For advice, just contact us.

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