Power Virtual Agents is a no-code solution that allows users to create custom artificial intelligence (AI) bots for both internal and external use to meet the growing need for 24/7 communications. Power Virtual Agents also help answer common questions and requests in real time, improve self-service capabilities, and reduce time to resolve customer issues.

What is a chatbot?

Such software applications are capable of communicating using natural language. Their work is based on natural language processing methods and artificial intelligence.

Bots understand languages, simulate coherent conversations, and perform simple tasks that are easy to automate. Chat bots can be installed in instant messengers, on a website, on a telephone line and in a voice assistant. The complexity of a chatbot ranges from the simplest, which can perform several functions, to the advanced. Chatbots can also be standalone or part of an application.

Why use chatbots?

Chatbots are needed to optimize company resources and save significant money. That is why they are spreading so rapidly these days. Almost every organization now has a telephone assistant, for example. It allows you to distribute all incoming calls across departments without involving a person.

Examples of using chatbots

Bots provide companies with a number of competitive advantages. Due to the ease of creation, they are actively used as assistants in online chats on company websites. Bots greatly speed up the process of bringing a client to a purchase and increase the level of brand loyalty, because a bot can solve any typical problem in minutes. Chatbots can save time, for example, for the HR department. Using a simple chatbot, an employee can send a vacation application for approval and to the HR department in a few clicks.  

What is the algorithm for chatbots?

Despite the fact that there are more and more types of chatbots, their operating principles are the same:

1. The client sends a message through the application or website. The message can be, for example, a command or a question.

2. The chatbot records information about the received request, and then uses NLP algorithms to determine the purpose of the message.

3. The chatbot formulates an appropriate response based on the context of the request and responds to the user. The dialogue continues until the user is satisfied with the answer or is transferred to a person.

In what areas of activity are bots typically used?


Basically, with the help of bots, information or offers are automatically sent to customers, and their satisfaction with interaction with the company and all stages separately is tracked.

Customer service

The quality of service and customer loyalty depend on the speed of response in the messenger or on the website.

HR management

Bots are used to apply for paid leave or sick leave.

Finance and Accounting

Chatbots can help employees fill out expense reports, open purchase order requests, and update and track supplier information.

Sales department

Chatbots can pre-qualify potential customers, send them offers, and initiate conversations.

Benefits of Power Virtual Agents

Easy to create

Chatbots can be created quickly and easily, without the need for developers. Intuitive, manageable and completely code-free, it is ideal for non-technical users and those who want to create advanced solutions.


You can customize Power Virtual Agents to meet your overall business processes and requirements. There are hundreds of ready-made connectors available that allow you to deploy chatbots on your website or social media, Microsoft Teams, or in your own apps. 

Reduced workload on staff

Virtual agents can handle numerous simple requests, freeing up the help desk to perform more important tasks. However, if a virtual agent receives a more complex request, it can automatically escalate the request to a human for further assistance. 

Performance tracking

Monitor and improve chatbot performance with AI and analytics available in your dashboard.

Real-time adaptation

Power Virtual Agents use Azure to learn and adapt to different situations in real time, generating more accurate and efficient responses to customer requests.

Still have questions?

Power Virtual Agents helps you design and deploy chatbots without the need for AI expertise. If you want to take full advantage of chatbots, just contact us for a consultation.

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