Microsoft 365 is a subscription to many familiar applications and services, a real platform of consolidated solutions that allow you to work smoothly and productively, both in large corporations and in small companies.

MS 365 (formerly Office 365) has a number of advantages, we wrote about them earlier in our blog article Microsoft 365: Key Benefits. The subscription-based model provides the opportunity to always use the latest versions of software, which is updated automatically for all employees at once, and also to add or reduce the number of users and services so as not to overpay for what is not used.

Together with Microsoft, Fanetech guarantees:

  • Technical support for users
  • Cost savings on IT infrastructure
  • Automatic software update
  • Consulting services
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Possibility of migration
  • Disaster recovery

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A Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) can be a helpful partner you can rely on to help you purchase licenses, migrate, support users, communicate with Microsoft, and help you get the most out of your MS 365 subscription.

Migration to Microsoft 365 with Fanetech

Fanetech, a Microsoft Gold Cloud Solutions Provider, leverages its extensive experience in conducting migrations of various types to ensure a secure migration to MS 365 with zero downtime and no data loss. We also provide technical support and user training, reduce the load on your internal IT department and develop hybrid solutions at the intersection of cloud and local IT systems.

The migration process is often complex due to the fact that each company has its own established IT environment and individual needs. Each individual migration process is a project that must be carefully planned and implemented step by step, not forgetting thorough testing during each step. There are always potential pitfalls in the form of risk of downtime or data loss. Thus, migration to MS 365 is best left to experts like Fanetech.  

Migration without problems

Moving from one platform to another, or even just from tenant to tenant, can have a huge impact on an organization. Migration affects almost all employees. When moving to the cloud, migration is one of the biggest challenges. For this purpose, Fanetech provides migration services and technical support for users.

Migrating to MS 365 from different platforms and vendors

For over 10 years, Fanetech has been helping businesses move to the cloud. We successfully carry out migrations from various email platforms, such as Yandex, POP3/IMAP, Exchange, G Suite, SharePoint, Yahoo Mail, Lotus Notes, Mozilla Thunderbird and others. We also provide migration of Teams and other Microsoft services, as well as data transfer from one tenant to another. Whether it's migrating from an on-premises Exchange environment, a SharePoint environment, an IBM Lotus Notes environment, or a Google Enterprise environment to Office 365, nothing is impossible. We will transfer all your data to MS 365 using various tools.


From planning to configuration, post-migration support and training, our clearly defined processes help us provide you with the best possible service.

Technical support

Our migration specialists will be available by phone and email to help with any questions. The average response time is 15 minutes, the issue is resolved on the day of registration of the application.


When signing an agreement with Fanetech, we enter into an obligation of non-disclosure of confidential information. In addition, you can entrust control over your company's IT security to us. You can read about our security monitoring center service Here.

Migration process

Before migration:

  • Planning and enabling migration
  • Dedicated Migration Manager
  • Individual migration strategy
  • Determining the time frame for migration


  • Synchronizing accounts
  • Test migrations of a sample of users
  • Review configurations with in-house IT team

After migration:

  • Checking mailboxes, files, Active Directory
  • Troubleshooting Possible Problems
  • Training users to work in the new environment
  • Technical support by phone and email

How to start? 

Migrating your Microsoft 365 data can be challenging. With Microsoft Gold Partner - Fanetech, you can be confident that the migration process will be safe and smooth. Our team will be happy to provide you with support services as well. You may be interested in our other services. For advice Contact us or leave a request in the form below.

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