Migration from Microsoft 365 on local server

Migrating from MS 365 (formerly Office 365) to an on-premises server requires quite a bit of planning as well as execution. Fanetech, a Microsoft gold partner, will help you migrate to the local environment without any failures or downtime.

Why you should trust your migration to Microsoft 365 Fanetech?

We customize Microsoft solutions for each client

We help integrate new technologies into your system

Let's save your time

Fanetech's certified Microsoft 365 experts plan and execute migrations in no time. You get Office 365 ready to go without the hassle of migration, onboarding, deployment, and testing.

No downtime migration

We carry out the migration process so that end users do not break away from the workflow. Also develops an individual migration process track for each client.

Migration from Microsoft 365 

On-Premise – classical model of access to computing resources. And has its pros and cons. Despite the fact that most companies are moving from local servers to cloud technologies, the number of requests is growing and to the reverse transition. It is possible that, having used cloud technologies during the pandemic, you have already switched to Office 365. And now you want to return to local environment.

Advantages On-premise


High degree of data confidentiality


Predicted time frame for eliminating breakdowns and failures


Ability to control employee professionalism


Possibility to choose price/quality ratio

Flaws On-premise


It is necessary to allocate space for a server room


Make sure that the temperature in this room is always maintained at a temperature suitable for the servers


Purchase, install and configure the servers themselves


Provide sources of backup power supply


Organize a data backup system (backups)


Take care to protect this data

How to build work process?

Migration of information systems to the local environment allows you to control the IT infrastructure and personalize it to the needs of your company on 100%. At each stage of the transition, solutions to technical and non-technical issues are provided. A correctly selected migration type will help save not only money, but also a lot of time. The work is divided into the following stages:


Conducting an audit of Cloud-Based IT systems and infrastructure to determine the degree of readiness for migration


Determining the optimal strategy for moving from cloud to on-premise


Project planning is based on an analysis of the current situation and includes the client’s requests and requirements


Implementation of the project within the time limits specified in the terms of reference


After the project is completed, technical support is maintained

How to build work process


Project planning

Project implementation

Technical support


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