Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) software is built on the powerful Teams platform and is designed for use on Teams Rooms devices and for shared hybrid meetings. The Teams Rooms app makes meeting organization simple and convenient, making it possible for both those in the room and remote workers to fully participate in the meeting. Teams Rooms Basic and Teams Rooms Pro are device licenses that provide similar app accessibility features.

Microsoft Teams Rooms - usually installed in rooms intended for meetings. For example, you can install it in a conference room or boardroom. Additionally, Microsoft Teams Rooms is managed in the cloud through a central device compatible with Microsoft Teams. Many organizations view the platform as a comprehensive collaboration solution. In addition, MTR has a wide range of functionality: from making calls and sharing content to recording sessions and collaborating with participants. All this through a simple, intuitive interface.

In this article we will look at all the benefits of using MS Rooms.

Why MTR systems are better than traditional video conferencing solutions

The updated version of Microsoft Teams Rooms is superior in functionality to any available video conferencing solution. With a one-touch join feature that's convenient for organizations already using Teams, collaboration tools have many benefits:

Full immersive experience

Every employee, both sitting in the room and working remotely, feels involved in the meeting to the same extent. This is thanks to Microsoft's ongoing efforts to improve video and audio communications. Enhanced, intelligent audio and video capabilities help everyone feel like they're in the same space.

Wireless content sharing

Easily share content in a meeting from your personal device, without cables or wires, in two clicks.

Smart cameras

Empower and improve the experience for everyone in Teams Room with AI-powered active speaker tracking that automatically detects who is speaking. Additionally, multiple video streams show all active speakers.


Each participant sees the text stream in real time as participants speak and convey their thoughts in the meeting.

interactive board

A digital whiteboard where participants draw together using their own touchscreen device, such as a tablet or smartphone. Allows you to develop collaboration in real time and save its results and share them with stakeholders.

Uninterrupted operation

Teams Rooms is a service with which you forget about communication interruptions. Simply start or join a meeting with one tap and easily share thoughts, ideas and content. You can allow people from different offices to meet virtually face-to-face without the distractions of technical difficulties.

Intuitive interface

The Teams application is familiar to all employees of organizations working in MS 365. The predictable interface and functionality allow you not to waste time getting familiar with the new program.

Microsoft Calendar Integration

Booking a Teams room in Outlook and Teams, as well as in the Teams dashboard, is quick and easy.

Easily manage your Teams Rooms devices using the remote room access feature in the Teams mobile app.


Stay secure right out of the box with Microsoft-certified Teams devices and automatic updates that keep systems secure by default.


Use Microsoft Teams in virtually any meeting room to suit your individual space and device requirements.

Is any meeting location suitable for Microsoft Teams Rooms?

MTR is fully scalable. This means compatibility with small and large meeting rooms.

By adding external microphone(s) to your kit, you can also turn a large presentation space or even a town hall into a Microsoft Teams room, as well as an overhead microphone system like the Shure MXA910 for a large conference room or boardroom.

What is the difference between Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Teams Rooms?

Microsoft Teams is collaboration software. If you have a Microsoft 365 account, access will already be included in your subscription.

Microsoft Teams Rooms is a physical space that includes software with the AV hardware needed for enhanced team collaboration. It allows you to walk into a room and join a pre-arranged meeting with the click of a button, call into another Microsoft Teams room, and more.

Are there other ways to use Microsoft Teams Rooms?

In addition to its excellent video conferencing features, Microsoft Teams Rooms can be used to:

  • Making standard audio calls over the phone
  • Seamless content sharing via HDMI
  • Communication with interactive screens
Is Microsoft Teams Rooms available in all countries?

Microsoft Teams video conferencing is available worldwide, as is Microsoft Teams Rooms. You should be able to purchase the kit you need locally, as many AV installers operate nationally and internationally.

Which devices are certified for Microsoft Teams?

Teams Rooms works with first-party and third-party Microsoft-certified audio and video devices designed for the meeting room. Microsoft Teams certification is a seal of approval for audio and video devices. It says Microsoft and its partners have worked together to optimize these devices for use with Microsoft Teams. Check out the list of certified Microsoft Teams Rooms devices.

How much does Microsoft Teams Rooms Basic cost?

Microsoft Teams Rooms Basic is free for rooms equipped with any Microsoft Teams Rooms device. It is limited to 25 premises per client.

  • Allows you to instantly join meetings with one tap
  • Exchange information wirelessly
  • Collaborate on a shared digital whiteboard in real time
How much does Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro cost?

Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro costs $40 per month.

It includes all the features of the Microsoft Teams Rooms Basic plan, plus:

  • Seamlessly transition to hybrid technologies using AI-enabled audio and video devices as the basis for more interactive and collaborative meetings
  • Increased engagement with advanced meeting capabilities such as inclusive video and room layouts, chat alerts and customization to suit your needs
  • Minimize disruption with enterprise-grade management and security, including access control, remote device configuration and analytics, and integration with IT service management (ITSM).
  • Intelligently manage rooms with AI-powered operations that automate updates, problem detection and resolution at scale
What benefits are included in Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro?

Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro delivers what customers need for productive hybrid meetings and room control at scale—now under one license. Teams Rooms Pro includes all the core features found in Teams Rooms Basic, plus advanced room meeting capabilities such as smart audio/video, multi-screen support, and full device management capabilities.


Overall, the key benefit of using Microsoft Teams Rooms is that it provides you with dedicated meeting hardware that paves the way for effective live video communication and collaboration.

Everything is managed centrally from the cloud for even greater ease of use and a high level of security.

Teams Rooms Pro is the recommended license for enterprise customers, as well as smaller organizations with more rooms or more advanced needs.

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