Microsoft Teams Essentials is a standalone Microsoft Teams plan , specially designed for small and medium businesses. Teams Essentials offers a platform for meetings, collaboration, communication and better customer service for the company. In addition to small businesses, Teams Essentials is also an affordable platform for non-profits and social enterprises to leverage modern technology without investing in IT infrastructure. Teams Essentials expands on the features and functionality available in the free version of Microsoft Teams. In this article, we'll look at the main features of Teams Essentials.

How does Microsoft Teams Essentials make communication and collaboration easier?

Microsoft Teams Essentials offers a single platform to keep chats, meetings, and other conversations in context and help you save time. It provides a wide range of tools and applications, including Office web apps, file sharing, group chats, task management, to effectively work with users inside and outside the organization. Here are a few Microsoft Teams Essentials features that can help make communication and collaboration easier.

  1. With 10 GB of file storage, users can collaborate on creating, viewing and editing Office files, and find files faster with advanced search capabilities.
  2. Even after the video call ends, you can still view the chat conversation.
  3. Built-in chat templates for small business teams help you launch group projects and hold meetings where you can assign tasks to your team and create polls to get feedback.
  4. The mobile chat toolbar in one-on-one and group chats provides easy access to content organized based on photos, files, task lists, upcoming events, web links, and more.

What are the features of Microsoft Teams Essentials?

Teams Essentials brings together several customized Microsoft Teams features. to suit the needs of small businesses. Here are some of the features of Microsoft Teams Essentials.

  • Microsoft Teams Essentials allows you to host unlimited meetings for up to 30 hours for both group and individual meetings.
  • Users can invite up to 300 people to one room.
  • Microsoft Essentials supports integrations with Google Calendar and Outlook, allowing users to manage meetings and schedules using existing calendar tools.
  • Meeting invitations can be sent to email addresses using join links. Users can join Teams meetings directly from their browsers without registering, logging in, or installing an app.
  • Meetings can be made interactive with tools and features such as virtual backgrounds, Together mode, and live reactions.


Microsoft Teams Essential is a good value product that offers powerful communication capabilities in a simple user interface at an affordable price. Like other Microsoft cloud solutions, Teams Essentials runs on Azure for security, reliability, performance, and support. While Teams Essentials provides SMBs with the tools and capabilities to meet their core requirements, the Teams app within Microsoft 365/Office 365 offers significantly more features and advanced capabilities.

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