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Cloud Security

Enjoy a secure cloud environment: virtual, public or hybrid

What we we offer:

Control cloud security posture

Manage user access with a simple and intuitive monitoring interface. Track incidents 24/7/365. 

Many years of experience

Fanetech has many years of experience in both implementing IT system security, conducting cybersecurity audits, and training employees of organizations.

Security Consulting

A cloud environment can be secure if it is properly architected and all security measures are taken. Fanetech will help you identify vulnerabilities in your cloud environment and implement missing system elements.

What is cloud security?

Cloud security is a set of procedures and technologies designed to eliminate external and internal threats to business security. Organizations need cloud security as they move toward their digital transformation strategy and incorporate cloud tools and services as part of their infrastructure.

Fanetech Services on cloud security


Cloud Security Management

  • User access control
  • Securing and managing your AWS environment 
  • Securing containers
  • Possibility of deployment in multiple cloud environments

Key management

  • Encryption key management
  • Change the frequency of changing keys
  • Change the way you transfer keys

Multi-cloud encryption

  • Increased security
  • Microsoft Azure becomes part of your cloud

Strategy Fanetech

Information security is a critical aspect of your business's success. Leave the security of your company's IT system to professionals software development companies.


Cloud Security Posture Management

Monitoring the security and compliance of multi-cloud systems from a single interface reduces system maintenance costs and improves the overall security level of the organization.


Unified visibility control system


Unified Policy


Continuous Compliance


Full protection

Multi-cloud encryption

Securely work with multiple clouds throughout their entire lifecycle


Protecting multi-cloud cloud workloads


Comprehensive data protection


Fast and easy setup

Key management

Enables enterprises to easily and securely manage all their encryption keys at scale, including key rotation frequency and key transfer settings.


Completely encrypt workloads throughout their entire lifecycle


Manage keys according to your policy


Role-based access control


Encrypt product workloads without downtime

How to build work process


Project planning

Project implementation

Technical support


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