Power Automate is a component of the Microsoft Power Platform and a powerful tool that is used to create automation flows for most workflows. Power Automate is a solution that can be used to automate repetitive tasks to improve the efficiency of any organization.

Power Automate includes different types of flows. The difference between these threads is how they work. So, let's take a look at the different types and the difference in running them.

How do threads work in power automate?

Threads communicate and interpret business applications so they can work effectively with each other. Custom workflows start with an event in one system that triggers an action in another, helping to reduce repetitive manual work. Flow is compatible with more than 230 apps and services that power everyday business operations and procedures, such as data storage, analytics, banking, email automation software, communication and more. 

Types of threads in power automate

In Microsoft Power Automate, you can choose from three different types of power automation flows to create: 

  1. Cloud streams 
  2. Business Process Flows
  3. Desktop threads 

Cloud streams 

Cloud stream is the most commonly used stream type. Cloud Flow makes it easy to run automation processes automatically, scheduled, or instantly. Now let's discuss the characteristics of different types of cloud streams:   

Characteristics of automated flows  

An automated thread starts a thread when you receive an email or when your business is mentioned on any social platform. You can use several types of connectors to secure communications across your accounts and cloud or on-premises services.  

Characteristics of instantaneous flows  

Instant flows are an effective option for running automation with the click of a button. You can use Instant Flows to automate processes or tasks from your desktop or mobile devices. A simple example of an Instant Flow action is where announcement notifications are sent to your entire team with one click on a mobile device. 

Characteristics of Scheduled Threads   

Scheduled threads are used when there are tasks that need to be processed on a daily basis. For example, loading data into sharepoint or any other database at the end of the day can be scheduled to be automated using scheduled threads to improve efficiency.  

Business Process Flows  

Business process flows are used to ensure that employees perform specific work in the same way and maintain consistency in data entry. This stream is ideal for businesses that need to streamline processes and tasks. Once you have effectively set up your business process flow, you can be confident that all employees are handling customer transactions in the same way. This flow allows you to establish the best path for various business processes and workflows. 

Desktop threads  

Desktop streams are often used to automate desktop and web tasks using Power Automate Desktop. Power Automate is the new Microsoft Flow. However, Power Automate is more powerful and smarter than ever. 


How to create a thread in power automate?

1. Login Power Automate

2. Select Solutions in the navigation bar.

    1. Select the solution in which you will create the flow.
    2. Select Newand then select Flow

    5. Use available connectors and triggers to build a flow.

    In this example, we'll create a flow that sends a notification when an email arrives in your inbox.

    6. Give your stream a name.

    7. Find new email in field Search all triggers .

    8. Select New step.

    9. Find the word “Notification” and then select the action “ Send me a mobile notification".

    10. Add a dynamic token "Subject" in field "Text" of the card "Send me a mobile notification" .

    11. Select Save to save the flow.

    Your flow should look like the following screenshot.

    12. Select "Solutions"to see your flow in the solution.

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