More and more organizations are moving their IT infrastructure to the cloud. Microsoft 365 is a popular choice for businesses. At the same time, many believe that Microsoft automatically creates a backup copy of all company data. But in reality this is not the case. Microsoft assumes limited control over data backups. This means that as a user you are responsible for protecting your data from any errors or security breaches. In this article, we'll outline six reasons why your business needs a Microsoft 365 backup solution.

1. Internal security threats

Enterprises often face internal security threats. Company employees may accidentally or intentionally permanently delete sensitive business data.

2. External security threats

Malware and viruses also cause serious damage to organizations. Especially ransomware, which is becoming more sophisticated every day and can cause serious damage to a business. Backups can help you easily restore your infrastructure to its pre-attack state. 

3. Accidental data deletion

If you accidentally delete a user, the deletion will be replicated across the network along with the deletion across Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, and Mailbox. This is where a backup can save you by helping you restore that user.

4. Gaps in retention policy

Retention policies in Microsoft 365 are designed to help organizations comply with laws, regulations, and internal policies that require either deleting or retaining content. Because Microsoft 365 retention policies are complex and difficult to comply with, backup provides expanded and increasingly accessible storage, with everything protected and stored in one place for easy recovery.

5. Legal and compliance requirements

Some legal regulations require organizations to securely store certain data, such as personal information the company has collected about customers. Microsoft 365 backup ensures that you can retrieve mailbox data during legal proceedings or to comply with any regulatory or compliance requirements.

 6. Microsoft Teams data structure

The Microsoft Teams data architecture is more complex than most people think. Teams is not a fully integrated application, which means that MS Teams data is stored in different applications such as Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and OneDrive. With this added level of complexity, it is critical to ensure proper data protection.

Benefits of Backup 

1. Ensuring operational continuity

If your business loses important data, it can cause major disruption.

Microsoft 365 backups are a core element of any business continuity plan. You need to be clear about how much data you can afford to lose before it seriously impacts your business continuity.

 2. Compliance with security policies

Violations of the GDPR can expose a company to the risk of significant fines. However, backup and proactive data management can show how you are taking steps to protect your corporate data. For example, if you work with government contracts, you should have clear evidence that you are actively protecting your data.

3. Reduce costs

Data loss can be costly. Backup plans can reduce your costs in several ways. First, a proactively managed plan should allow for quick and easy recovery of your data (minimizing any performance loss). Microsoft 365 Managed Backup is an affordable solution that meets your business needs. 

How often should you back up your Microsoft 365 data?

Some companies prefer to create backups weekly, others daily. The frequency of your backups will depend on how much data you can afford to lose. If your business depends on having the latest information available, you may need a solution to create copies easily and automatically.

You may have to consider the cost ratio - the financial cost of restoring any lost work versus the cost of implementing a strict, regular backup plan.

An effective Microsoft 365 backup plan should run seamlessly in the background. When installed correctly, your MS 365 backups should run automatically while employees work as normal.

Is it easy to restore a Microsoft 365 backup?

There are ways to recover lost data, but they are not always quick or easy. And often data is needed “here and now” and there is no time to wait. That's why you should consider implementing preventive measures such as Microsoft 365 backup plans.

Data loss isn't just about security breaches

Unforeseen physical problems occur. There may be a fire or, conversely, a flood in the office. Or the data may be deleted by an employee accidentally, by mistake. Losing data doesn't have to be a disaster.

Still have questions?

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