The number of organizations migrating from on-premises Exchange to Office 365 has grown dramatically over the past few years. Without a doubt, the best-in-business Microsoft Office 365 Software as a Service (SaaS) platform meets the needs of every business and enterprise. While Office 365 provides top-notch uptime and availability, it is still the customer's responsibility to organize and protect their critical data. An email backup service is something that can protect data users from all kinds of security threats.

The fact that data can be easily lost makes it vital for every organization and individual to choose a backup service that ensures the safety of every bit of data. In this article, we will discuss the importance of Office 365 backup and common causes of data loss.

Internal and external security threats

Enterprises often face internal security threats. Office 365's top-notch backup service reduces the risk of data destruction or loss. External security threats such as malware, viruses and especially ransomware, which are becoming more sophisticated every day and can cause serious damage to a business. An effective backup solution can easily help you quickly restore an uninfected copy of your data.

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Accidental data deletion

If you accidentally delete a user, the deletion will be replicated across the network along with the deletion in Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, and Mailbox. This is where a backup can save you by helping you restore that user.

Gaps in retention policy

Retention policies in Office 365 are designed to help organizations comply with laws, regulations, and internal policies that require either deleting or retaining content. They are not backups. However, even if you use your retention policy instead of backup. These retention policies are difficult to track and even manage. Backups provide better and longer-lasting storage, all protected and organized for quick recovery.

Legal and Compliance Requirements

Few legal regulations require organizations to store data securely so that the data is accessible in the event of litigation. While eDiscovery capabilities are built into Office 365, a third-party backup solution is specifically designed to make it easier to search your backups and quickly restore your data in a compliant manner.

Microsoft Teams data structure

The Microsoft Teams backend is a lot more complex than most people think. Teams is not a fully integrated application, which means that data created by Teams is stored in different applications, such as Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive. With this added level of complexity, it is critical to ensure proper data protection.

Fanetech can help with Office 365 backup services

Although backups are necessary for all digital information, the level of backup that organizations require varies. Implementing a reliable data backup solution is much more affordable than the potential costs associated with recovering lost or damaged data. Some of these Microsoft Office 365 backup options are available by default, while others require special licenses. Fanetech can help businesses protect their data by recommending the best Office 365 backup solutions and implementing them at special prices. Contact our expertsto learn more about our Office 365 service specials.

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